Communication Data Of Equipment In PC Lab "Federman-6"
The Building "Federman", Floor 6 (PC Lab for use of the Dorms')

MAC Address IP Address Socket  Number
MF1-01 00-1b-78-86-5a-5c 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-02 00-1B-78-87-44-4A 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-03 00-1b-78-86-5a-62 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-04 00-1B-78-53-90-48 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-05 00-1B-78-84-FB-DA 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-06 00-1B-78-87-01-F0 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-07 00-1B-78-85-E0-66 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-08 00-1B-78-85-B4-F2 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-09 00-1B-78-85-7C-BE 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-10 00-16-35-78-84-07 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-11 00-1B-78-85-7C-A0 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-12 00-1B-78-86-52-6C 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-13 00-1B-78-85-E0-6A 132.74.14.xx "L-"
MF1-14 00-16-35-74-D9-C4 132.74.14.xx "L-"
Print-Server 00-0D-9D-53-92-7D 132.74.14.xx "L-"
Printer Hostname: NPI1A6069 "L-"

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