Communication Data Of Equipment In "Computer Booth"600
The Main Building, 600'th floor Lobby, near the lecture auditoriums

Address Node IP Address Socket  Number
cc600-01 00-05-35-01-39-8D 132.74.14.xx "2_600/bet"
cc600-02 00-05-35-01-39-7E 132.74.14.xx "5_600/bet"
cc600-03 00-05-35-01-39-3C 132.74.14.xx "3_600/bet"
cc600-04 00-02-B3-65-72-A1 132.74.14.xx "7_600/bet"
cc600-05 00-02-B3-65-79-DE 132.74.14.xx "8_600/bet"
cc600-06   132.74.14.xx "6_600/bet"
cc600-07 00-02-B3-65-72-05 132.74.14.xx "1_600/bet"
Printer option option LPT of Pr_Sr
Print-Server 00-02-B3-65-46-87 132.74.14.xx "4_600/bet"


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