Communication Data Of Equipment In Classroom 570
The Main Building, 500'th floor

MAC : Address IP : Address Socket  Number
cls570-01 70:71:BC:11:73:7B "L-"
cls570-02 70:71:BC:11:77:C3 "L-"
cls570-03 70:71:BC:11:75:58 "L-"
cls570-04 70:71:BC:11:77:F1 "L-"
cls570-05 70:71:BC:11:75:B1 "L-"
cls570-06 70:71:BC:11:78:C1 "L-"
cls570-07 70:71:BC:11:75:43 "L-"
cls570-08 70:71:BC:11:6C:D1 "L-"
cls570-09 70:71:BC:11:75:4C "L-"
cls570-10 70:71:BC:11:7B:64 "L-"
cls570-11 70:71:BC:11:75:87 "L-"
cls570-12 70:71:BC:11:79:26 "L-"
cls570-13 70:71:BC:11:77:6A "L-"
cls570-14 70:71:BC:22:32:06 "L-"
cls570-15 70:71:BC:11:77:F8 "L-"
cls570-16 70:71:BC:11:78:6A "L-"
cls570-17 70:71:BC:11:78:CD "L-"
cls570-18 70:71:BC:11:70:7C "L-"
cls570-19 70:71:BC:11:78:F3 "L-"
cls570-20 70:71:BC:11:77:D9 "L-"
cls570-21 70:71:BC:11:75:4E "L-"
cls570-22 70:71:BC:11:6D:29 "L-"
cls570-23 70:71:BC:11:78:38 "L-"
cls570-24 70:71:BC:11:7B:AE "L-"
cls570-25 70:71:BC:11:79:14 "L-"
cls570-26 70:71:BC:11:7A:49 "L-"
cls570-27 70:71:BC:11:78:04 "L-"
cls570-28 70:71:BC:11:79:42 "L-"
cls570-29 70:71:BC:11:75:BA "L-"
cls570-30 70:71:BC:11:77:F6 "L-"
cls570-31 70:71:BC:11:78:EF "L-"
cls570-32 70:71:BC:11:73:EE "L-"
cls570-33 70:71:BC:11:7B:79 "L-"
cls570-34 70:71:BC:11:78:90 "L-"
cls570-35 70:71:BC:11:79:3F "L-"
cls570-36 70:71:BC:11:78:B8 "L-"
cls570-37 70:71:BC:11:74:44 "L-"
cls570-38 70:71:BC:11:77:7C "L-"
cls570-39 70:71:BC:11:7B:98 "L-"
cls570-40 70:71:BC:11:77:C5 "L-"
cls570-41 70:71:BC:11:7B:A1 "L-"
cls570-42 70:71:BC:11:78:20 "L-"
Printer (possibility) (possibility) "L-"
cls570-PRN_GS 00:02:B3:65:4A:B4 "L-"
cls570-GS F4:CE:46:F3:AF:E2 "L-"

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